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Aiming inclusivity and empowering young minds

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Asha Hai is an inclusive school for children with extra needs. Every child is unique and special in their own way. Their strength and potential is tapped through our team of therapists and Montessorians who have come together with a vision for a holistic and inclusive education system for them. Interaction with other children, equal participation in various activities, adapting to a new environment, role playing, providing a competitive environment etc have also been our focus among many others.


At Asha Hai, each child is encouraged to develop intellectually, personally, socially and emotionally for creating a life of self-reliance and self-confidence. The strategies we use for our inclusive program are:


“It’s not easy to describe the experience of working with a child with special needs. From the outside, it may look challenging and stressful but it is a wonderful experience of evolution and personal growth.”


Our Vision

To help build a society where we are able to look at all our children with equity so that they can receive the respect every individual deserves.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together all students under the same roof in a shared community regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in any area. Through this, we seek to maximize the potential of all students. We are trying to make sure that each and every child feels welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are not just addressed, but also valued.


Early Intervention Inclusive Schooling Program

One of the most important principles of Asha Hai education is that no two learners are alike, and so this school plays a great importance on creating opportunities for children to learn and be assessed in a variety of ways. The school has 4 HOUR program which includes 2 HOURS inclusive schooling and 2 HOURS therapies which are: Developmental Therapy, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Montessori Special Education. Other important factors which make effective our Asha Hai program is regular monthly PARENT MEETINGS and through this interaction is the implementation of monthly HOME BASED PLANS.


School System includes: Assembly, writing work, rhyme time, lunch time, group play, Montessori activity time and story time.

Recognize the strength

Nurture the potential

Value the uniqueness

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Aiming inclusivity and empowering young minds

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